What is this all about?

One day I was playing ingress, then I noticed how bad are some of the portal pictures.

Some of them are taken from moving cars or in low light situations, some are actually good, but ruined because they were taken with a crappy phone camera.

Awesome sculptures portrayed as black silouettes or blurred beyond recognition.

I want Ingress to be a pleasant experience, and some portal pictures really get on my nerves.

So, instead of complaining, I decided to take the matter in my hands.

So I took my good ol' DSLR, took some pictures, color corrected them the best I could (I'm not a professional photographer) and uploaded them with my phone.

I'm not arrogant enough to say that my pictures are perfect, or that all portal pictures are crap, they are not.

Some portal pics are well taken, but ruined by the tiny, light hungry phone camera's sensor.

So feel free to follow my lead, take better pics, if you see some of the portals listed here, help me with an upvote, and if you have a reflex and you can help bettering the photos, go ahead.