How to upload non mobile phone pics to a portal

The process is simple:

  1. Find a portal with a so-so picture.
  2. Try to take a better picture with a DSLR.
  3. Try again, take lots of pics from different angles.
  4. Hack the portal until it gives you its key
  5. Once home, make some coffee and select the best shot.
  6. Fix the explosure/levels.
  7. Crop it if necessary.
  8. Scale it down a little, max resolution on a cell phone is about the same as a full HD video, more than that is useless.
  9. Export as jpg
  10. Transfer the pic to your phone.
  11. Open ingress.
  12. Select the portal key.
  13. select the picture.
  14. add the photo from your phone.
  15. Beg your friends for upvotes so your picture becomes the default one.
  16. Post a before/after pic on social media with the HT #portalFaceLift.

Now let's talk about cameras.

My weapon of choice (at least the one I could afford) is a second hand Canon T3 APS-C DSLR.

Is not the best, but it's way better than any phone camera.

The default 18-55 lens tan came with it is almost useless for the kind of pictures I like to take, so instead, I use an old Meyer-Optik Görlitz 135mm Orestor lens.

Is a pain in the ass to manual focus on a DSLR, but the results are worth it.

I'll update this page with more in-depth tutorials of how to fix your photos in photoshop and the best manual focus technique I could find.

Once I find the time to do it...